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It’s another day at work, luckily, unlike yesterday, my workload isn’t much. It rained a lil’ bit this morning and it’s started to rain again. I’m cold and I’m really sleepy, so it’s twitter, Facebook, Ebay and La’senza that’s got my undivided attention this morning.

Tunde, my ‘shy’ colleague feels I’m too girly and I tell him I used to be a ‘hard-cored’ tomboy but he doesn’t believe me, so I proceed with my tale.
I grew up in Ilorin, Kwara state, and in nursery and primary school, i could never be caught dead without shorts under my school uniform and i was considered ‘one of the boys’. Anyway,my school was in the estate i grew up in and i knew a lady who had FOUR fruit trees in front of her house. These ‘fruits’ commonly know as ‘almonds’ because of the seed that are broken for the soft nut inside the hard casing after the flesh has been eaten were in season, and during our break period I proceeded to sneak out of school with my buddies to go and pluck ‘fruit’!
On getting to the womans house, the boys decided to climb the tree and pluck the ‘fruits’ while they ‘ordered’ the girls to gather. Being the rascal I was, I was like “never!!!”. I climb the tree, I’m plucking and throwing down ‘fruits’ to the ‘girls’ and eating to my fill while storing ‘trophy fruit’ in the pockets of my shorts when lo and behold, at the top of the tree, I see the ripest looking ‘fruit’.
I abandon all around me and set off on my new mission.
I get to my destination, I grab my prize, I look at my prize, I scream, then I let go of the branches. As my butt hits the ground, I am shaking, laughing and crying at the same time.

What I thought was my prized ‘fruit,’ was the head of an Amaga Lizard!!!

  1. ranti says:

    You never said whether u fell off the tree. Woulda made a really hilarious ending! Knowing u survived to tell the tail, of course.

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