Posted: March 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Its a Wednesday, the 9th of March, 2011 and the time is 9.45 am. I’m in a cab rushing off to Lekki to meet up a makeup appointment (I’m also a makeup artist amongst other things and a pretty good one to!) I’m already on Third Mainland bridge and I realize there is traffic. ”Seriously!?”, ”by this time?” And I just guess that there must be an accident somewhere further down the road.
Four cars ahead, I see a police van parked at the shoulder of the road, and cars trying to slip through the bottle-neck the police men have created and I’m wondering why they can’t park well, or get down from the back of the van where they are obviously just ‘gisting’ and direct the cars to ease traffic .
Trust me, there I am, straining my eyes to see the ‘accident’ but there is no accident. Rather, I see the dead body of a half naked man, with parts of his body chopped off, and unfortunately for my curiosity and I, its too late to take back the sight!
For Gods sake, WHY?!
I’m gagging and have goose bumps on my arm the size of golf balls! And I’m thinking………”Who is he?……”does he have kids”……..”Where was he going to or coming from?”…….”Hey! Wait a minute, were people not driving when the body was dropped?…….”Na wa o”……..” God, save me o”…..
The honest truth is that it scared me, and I’m still scared. And according to the taxi driver, he had seen quite a number of corpses on the same bridge over the years.
All I know is that, I have been scarred and I hope things change for the better in this country, because I can imagine the number of innocent children who must have passed and seen it, or the families of the unknown victims.


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